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Maranda Rampersaud- Register Dental Hygienist (University of Alberta 1997)
“Your Friendly Neighbourhood Hygienist”

As a professional, my calling is to serve people & develop lasting relationships by promoting health & wellness through the provision of dental hygiene care. I am a member in good standing of both the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association and the College of Registered Dental Hygienist of Alberta. I have received advanced training and certification to administer local anesthetics, nitrous oxide sedation and to prescribe dental hygiene medications. To add,  I have completed numerous laser dentistry courses with training and certification into the Associate Fellowship- within the World Clinical Laser Institute.

Excitingly, changes to the “Health Professions Act” on November 1, 2006, has carved out a unique niche within the existing dental industry giving hygienist the ability to provide optimal preventative oral care; while working independently of dentists. This enables Albertans to have better access to these services. To make light of such a privilege would stifle the progress of my profession. The freedom to promote and bring more value to the dental hygiene profession coupled with a genuine sensitivity for patient care has inspired the “fresh concept”.

I look forward to sharing “fresh” with you.