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Babies, Children and Mommy & Daddy!!!

Prevention is far less expensive than intervention! With your help your child can look forward to a beautiful healthy smile! Good teeth go hand in hand with good health.They help your child’s speech development, self esteem and confidence. Eating a proper diet, cleaning teeth daily and visiting a dental professional regularly is a good start to dental wellness. Your child depends on your guidance and partcipation to suceed.

Teeth + Sugar + Plaque = Increased Acid On Teeth! Snacking Tips: to keep your child’s teeth healthy, limit the amount of snack foods high in sugar and how often these foods are eaten. Avoid foods that stick to the teeth. High-protien foods such as cheese, is a nice snack, as it provides some protection from cavities. Drinking water is a far better options than fruit juices or other sweeten juices as the sugars will increase acid production in the mouth for up to two after the last sip. Avoid putting these types of drinks in sippy cups.
Baby Bottle Decay

Start Early! Recommendations for your child’s First Visit At 6 months- 12 months a dental professional can look at your child teeth and gums. Be sure to have a FULL check-up by age 2 or 3 years. Choose an office that welcomes children and provides them with a positive experience. Remember that your child will be influenced by your attitude to visiting the dental hygienist or dentist.

Ask your dental hygienist about sealants and other preventive measures for your child

Tooth Development and Sequence of Eruption

Tooth Development and Sequence of Eruption