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Sport Guards / Mouth Guards

Protect you jaw joint and teeth.

Injuries are common while engaging in sports. Be Preventative!

Choosing the proper sport guard is important. Choose a  guard that is comfortable to wear. Sport guards left in the gym bag  are not serving  you or their intended purpose.

At fresh, our goal is to fabricate sport guards that are comfortable to wear and protective. We are able to fabricate these guards very quickly, in our in-house lab. A pressure forming computer device, is used to capture the anatomy of our patients mouth and teeth for a comfortable fitting guard. We also make each guard in layers for added protection and cushioning.  We learned this technique, under the guidance and training of Dr. Ray Padilla DDS , private practitioner and dentist for  UCLA.

For a more customized look,  your team logo can be incorporated into your sport guard.

Remember, comfort & protection is key to a good fitting sport guard!