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Technology & Green Initiative

No Needle Freezing!

Electro-Analgesics: A special device is used to block pain receptors to the brain by exciting nerves around your teeth and gums. Because the nerves are tricked into thinking they are stimulated, pain impulses are not able to create pain sensations.

Digital Radiography: a computerized sensor is placed in the mouth, which produced a digital photo of your teeth.  Our sensors are the small with rounded corners for patient comfort. These images can be emailed to any dental professional or specialist. This technology reduces radiation significantly, compared to conventional x-rays and eliminates the need for harsh chemical developers being dumped into our environment. Fresh is making every effort to maintain a green focus.

Laser Cavity Detection: fresh can use a amplified light over surfaces of the teeth to detect different densities in the tooth structure. The readings can than be uses as an adjunct in determining your dental needs.

Laser Teeth Whitening: this is the latest in teeth whitening technology. Fresh, uses a laser that is focused and efficient reducing the amount of gauze placed in your mouth. The energy is used to activate the whitening gel  on the teeth. Thus avoiding the need for long appointments, sore jaws and gagging.

Fluorescence Oral Cancer Screenings: Your dental professional can be your first line of defence against the spread of oral cancer. Early detection is key. Excitation of abnormal cells via the use of fluorescent light, can help identify exsisting problems that may not be obvious to the human eye.

Intra Oral Camera & Medical Monitor: fresh uses one of the latest cameras to display our findings on screen for our patients. We also have two TV monitors for you to enjoy, either sitting up or laying down.

Sterilization Equipment: It is very important for our patients and fresh to maintain the highest level of infection control. We have invested in a professional grade sterilizer that provides a computerized print-out of the daily functions of our equipment. We also perform daily spore testing to ensure all instruments being used are clean. To add, we use a medical grade washer to clean all instruments prior to sterilization.

Massaging Chair: you may choose to activate the “ergo sooth” feature , while being treated at fresh. The neck and head rest is made out of pressure relieving material to keep you more comfortable as you are receiving care.

Non-Fluoride Options: It is a well documented fact that fluoride makes the tooth enamel stronger and less likely to decay. It is a naturally occurring mineral found in food and some water sources. However, because of personal beliefs or research, some clients are simply not comfortable with this form of prevention. Fresh offers several alternatives.

Paper-less Charts: Fresh has invested in a sophisticated dental software system. Less paper!

“fresh” approach to healthier smiles!