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What Education & Training Does A Dental Hygienist Receive?

11 June, 2011 AT 06:06 AM

“Dental hygiene education in Alberta is attained through a three year diploma or four year degree program at the University of Alberta. Course of study includes all areas that will support evidence-based practice such as:

  • general studies (e.g. English, communications, psychology, sociology)
  • biomedical sciences (e.g. histology, microbiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, pathology )
  • dental sciences (e.g. dental anatomy, embryology, head and neck anatomy, oral pathology, oral physiology, oral therapeutics, dental radiography)
  • clinical practice
  • community health
  • education foundations
  • ethics
  • advocacy
  • research methods
  • health promotion

Additionally, dental hygienists can apply to be on specific rosters indicating that they have the education and competencies to:

  • prescribe the limited medications used in dental hygiene practice;
  • administer local anaesthetic by injection; and
  • prescribe and administer nitrous oxide/ oxygen for conscious sedation.

Some dental hygienists in administrative and teaching positions complete graduate education at a Masters or PhD level.”

This information is quoted from The College Of Registered Dental Hygienist Of Alberta web page under the heading “for the public”.


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